email: phone: 647.391.STTR (7877)


Do I have to pay a monthly fee?
No. You can choose to pay a booking fee of $20 each time you use Urban Sitters. However, if you think you may need a sitter regularly it could work out more cost effective to sign up as a member.

How do I pay Urban Sitters?
It's easy! Urban Sitters will use credit card details given when a family registers, to take booking fees and/or membership subscriptions at the appropriate time. Alternatively, you can use PayPal for booking fees and/or membership subscription by making the relevant choices when registering or making bookings. Urban Sitters will always email receipts for all payments received, whether through PayPal or from a credit card. Both Members and On Call users are required to pay their booking fee when they make a booking. Memberships paid by credit card, will be taken at the start of each calendar month.

How do you recruit your sitters?
All of our sitters are 18 years old and over and are required to provide 2 references as well as a detailed cover letter. Sitters must also successfully complete a face-to-face interview and provide us with proof of a valid CRC as well as First Aid / CPR certificate. Urban Sitters ensures all sitters are legally allowed to work in Canada.

Do I need to pay for a taxi for the sitter to get home?
If the sitter leaves your home once public transport has stopped running, we do ask that parents pay for a sitter's taxi home. Before this time, it is at your discretion whether you offer to pay for a taxi or not. Please keep in mind that Urban Sitters will always try to find the most local suitable sitter for your booking and that Sitters are responsible for ensuring they are able to get to and from an address before they accept the booking.

Do I need to provide food for the sitter?
This is not a requirement. However, Urban Sitters does ask parents to consider that a sitter may have been at work elsewhere before coming straight to you for an evening booking and therefore may not have had a chance to eat something. Similarly, if a sitter is booked for a long period of time during which meals would normally be consumed, it is often expected that there will be something they can eat.

How do I pay the sitter?
Please pay the sitter with cash (or if necessary, cheque) at the end of their booking. We kindly ask that you round up their payment to the nearest half hour. You will be provided with receipt templates therefore, if necessary, you will be able to keep an accurate record of all money paid to sitters.

How do I make a booking?
You can either email, text or phone us or fill in the form on the Families page to make your booking.

What if I need to cancel a booking?
Please contact Urban Sitters as soon as you know you do not need a sitter that has been confirmed, so we can let them know. You will still be charged the non-refundable booking fee and a cancellation fee (depended of sitter rate) if the booking is cancelled within 24 hours.


How do I register?
Simply fill in the registration form found on our Sitters page, hit submit and we will be in touch to set up an interview as soon as possible. Please remember this formal registration form is your chance to shine! Ensure you fill it out as best you can, using correct grammar and spellings, giving detail where needed and allowing your personality to come across.

What do I need to register?
In addition to filling in the registration form, all Sitters are required to provide the following documents, either at the time of registration or during their interview:
How do I get paid?
The family will pay you at the end of your booking. You will be provided with a receipt template, it is your responsibility to use these, or another method of your own choice, to keep accurate records of earnings for tax purposes.

How do I get a First Aid Qualification and CPR certificate?
You MUST have First Aid and CPR training as they are vital to your role as a sitter. There are many organizations that offer First Aid and CPR training in Toronto. However, before you book, please ensure the course is a minimum of one full day in length and that it includes both First Aid and CPR in the title. The CPR section must be either Level B or Level C to be valid for any Urban Sitters job roles.

How long is a CRC certificate valid?
We accept CRCs dated within the last twelve months.

Can I work full time hours?
Of course you can! We'll send you jobs as and when they come in and you take the ones you want. Essentially, it is up to you whether you work full time hours or not, because you decide how many jobs you take (subject to availability). As long as we know what you are looking for, we will do our best to meet your needs.

How do I know what I have been booked for?
When you have accepted a job offer, Urban Sitters will always email and text a corresponding booking confirmation. We suggest sitters keep these for their records as they will have the details of the booking such as: start/finish times, address, phone number etc.

What if I have to cancel?
Please contact Urban Sitters as soon as you know you are unable to fulfil a confirmed booking so we can find a replacement.

What if a family cancels a booking I have been confirmed for?
Urban Sitters always endeavors to give sitters as much notice as possible when a family cancels their booking. In such rare cases, we will try our best to find you a replacement job holding similar details to the one cancelled.

What happens if I have an emergency and I need to leave a booking?
In the event that you have an emergency situation, appropriate arrangements must be made. Under no circumstances must a booking be left unattended. Verbal communication must be made with the parents or alternative emergency contacts in the event you have to leave, so always be sure you are equipped with contact information before parents have left.